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When you click the link to the left that says "CHAT," a box will show up in the top right corner.  When you enter, an advertisement will show up and your name will be Gabber###.  You can change your name by typing your name into the name box and clicking the little person next to the box. 

* If it says that your name is registered, try something else.  The chat room is separate from the livejournal community.
  You do not have to be a member of the livejournal community to chat.

If someone is being offensive, which I hope won't happen, but if they are, you can put their name in the box on the right hand side of the chat window and it will mute them.

To become a member

To become a member - 

Click on "profile" and at the top of the page there will be a sentence that says if you want to join to "click here." 

The entire site is not a chat room, but there is a chat room link off to the side. This is a place for Zumba instructors to post, blog, comment, or even chat. I hope you enjoy the site and that it proves to be a good tool for fellow instructors.  

You must be an approved member of the community to comment or post.

Welcome to Zumba_Love

I created this account so we can have a place to post a little more in "real time."  For now, I am leaving membership open only to Zumba instructors, but I may change that if it seems others such as students would like to join.  A few rules:

Posting inappropriate topics will get you banned.

Bashing other members will get you banned.

Trolling will get you banned.

Let me know if you would like to be a moderator.  I think it would be preferrable to have one in every time zone, but who knows.  Enjoy!  Can't wait for the new DVD's!

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